Steps to flash ESP-Link to ESP8266 4 Mbyte (ESP12)

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Just few words about flashing ESP-Link on ESP8266 (I posted first working on the ESP01 but gave it up. It bugs a lot. I use now a 4 Mbyte version.)

Yesterday I was looking (bit lazy) to make an ESP8266 TCP / Serial bridge in order to remote control one of my Nextion screen with Node-red (development and testing only).

While browsing I found out ESP-Link. Very nice tool. (Pity, I found that too late)

So, in few steps, to flash it you need to:

  • Download ESP-Link flasher software

  • Download firmware

  • Get the hardware info of the ESP

To do so, connect to the ESP the tool ESP flash download tool and press start.


Once the button start is pressed, you will get the hardware details in the Detected Info window.


Use the info for setting the right flash size and also the right address for flashing.

  • Use this setting for flashing:


  • Connect to the ESP8266 AP
  • In your browser go to:
  • You are good to go for more setting from the webpage

If you like to erase the flah, use the method of Patrik @

Completely format or erase ESP8266 flash memory


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