Artnet, WS2812 and ESP8266 (Lua)

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From my previous post on Artnet ESP8266, I had some feedback about some trouble. I decided to make it again but with the WS2812.

2017-05-21 11_49_58-NodeMCU custom builds

Once compiled you will receive an email with a link to download the firmware.

Upload the firmware with Nodemcu flasher and change the path to point to the custom firmware

2017-05-21 16_01_25-Open2017-05-21 16_01_56-nodemcu

With Esplorer, upload this program:

2017-05-21 16_10_41-ESPlorer v0.2.0-rc5 by 4refr0nt

tmr.delay(5000000)   -- wait 1,000,000 us = 1 second
gpio.mode(4, gpio.OUTPUT)
s:on("receive",function(s,c) ws2812.write(string.sub (c, 19, 318)) end)

I am driving a Matrix (10*10) of 100 pixels.

In the UDP loop, I am extracting the 300 bytes (19 to 318) corresponding to each RGB values of each pixels; 3 * 100. Bytes 1 to 18 are the Artnet header.

The led stripe is connected to PIN D4 of my NODEMCU Board


Forgot to mention that a fast wifi router is needed.


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