Temperature dry-well block calibrator

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The latest ongoing project: A block calibrator.

Since I needed something to generate cold and hot in order to calibrate my sensors (NTC), I decided to go ahead into this project. (I tried to keep the cost as low as possible)

  1. Material
    1. Peltier Module
    2. Aduino Mega
    3. ADC converter (ADS1115)
    4. Aluminium Profile 2020
    5. AMD or Intel CPU cooler (I used a water cooled system)
    6. PC Power Supply
    7. Aluminium for the dry-well
  2. Software
    1. Frame Designer (www.framexpert.com)
    2. Inkscape
    3. Arduino IDE
    4. VB or similar for user interface
  3. Development

I started to make a sketch of frame on paper adding dimensions of parts and positioning (for complicated things usually I use Frame Designer). I ended up with something like 42 cm x 19 cm x 30 cm. Everything after cutting and assembling should fit into the frame.


The next step was to build the Power Supply and water cooler. I designed quickly the part using Inkscape and cut the thing in MDF using a laser cutter. Following, the design in pdf


To be continued…

Some leak checking after installing the pump…

The project is still on-hold, I got problem with the quality of the cooling tank. The acrylic completely cracked!! Need to find a replacement.


Done, the new one is on the way. I will start again to work on this next week.