3D Printing

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I have been busy on many projects lately and did not have time to report anything.

Today, I share the first power on and printing test of my new 3D printer.

I had the idea for a while to make a sla 3D printer using UV led and LCD screen mask. While browsing the net, I found this printer at very reasonable price. I decided to buy one. The machine is from Micromake. Micromake L1.

Micromake L1

The printer arrived well packed. The kit included the machine, power supply, 500 ml of resin.

It runs with Creation Workshop and photonic3d. I used for the first test Creation Workshop.

The connection and setting is fairly easy. Nothing special. Install a driver if necessary. Set the second screen on the main system and voila.

I had to run 5 tests before getting something okay. All 4 first tests, the printing was not sticking to the base. I just randomly increased the UV curing time and the 5th test shape was just fine.

Some photos…


Last printing…


Conclusion: Good surprised, it just works fine.