Android – Simple Android application

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I discovered a bit late this nice and simple messaging for iot.

Here is a simple application developed with AI2 to read your latest dweet…

Application aia

Application apk

The app is simple, but can be used to go further into development like getting some reading, alarms…

2017-06-11 14_43_45-MIT App Inventor


Android – Photo loader

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I needed a quick and easy way to upload photos taken from my phone to a webserver without having to use cable, ftp transfer… (mainly for my job)
While browsing the App Inventor I found an application called photo booth and it gave me some ideas.
I modified a bit the app and used a php script to save the photos to the folder I want on my server.

The aia file for App Inventor 2.

The apk file.

The php script.

To use it:

  • Install the apk
  • Copy the php script into your server
  • Modify the php script. Change the folder name and location where you want to upload the photos
  • In the phone application, there are 2 text fields. One for the ip address and folder location of the php script. One for the photo name